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My violin and viola instruction uses a traditional teaching method, known in the US as the Galamian method, which focuses on mental control over physical movement to achieve the most technical proficiency playing violin and viola. We play scales, studies, concerti, and show pieces. Upon request, I help students with their orchestra and chamber music assignments, but I do not believe in using those as a base repertoire learned in private lessons.

Students and I regularly meet in studio classes. They also perform in recitals and master classes, where pupils work on their stage presence and get over stage fright. I encourage violin and viola students to participate in youth orchestras, chamber music programs, and summer music camps. I recommend advanced students to participate in various competitions, which often provide a wonderful incentive for more focused and goal-oriented work.

Lastly, I help prepare those desiring to major in music in college. Graduates from my violin studio have been offered scholarships by a several top colleges in the US and nearly every college in Colorado.

Before the student family is ready to commit to regular violin lessons, we schedule an interview to discuss studio procedures and expectations. I am happy to offer a free trial violin and viola lesson to those already playing the instrument. You can contact me here to book a meeting.

2024 rates are:

30-min. lesson - $40

45-min. lesson - $55

60-min. lesson - $70

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