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Frank's Piano Quintet

Last night I attended chamber music concert at Colorado College's Summer Music Festival. What a marvelous program that was! That Packard Hall should be packed and people should be hanging off the chandeliers! All concerts this June were absolutely marvelous, catch the last one tonight if you can!

Rendition of Frank's Piano Quintet last night was amazing! I couldn't help but remembering two other times I heard it. St. Lawrence Quartet played it at the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival in Detroit back in 90th. It seemed roof and skies were coming down, immense intensity and despair of the music came across so strongly.

Much later, in 2008, I saw this jaw dropping Richter and Borodin Quartet version of it from 1986 on YouTube. How those immortals did it? …

I had to call my dear professor Valentin Berlinsky to express admiration and gratitude. This happened to be our last conversation, two weeks later he was gone...

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